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If you ask a business owner if they want to grow faster, there is a very high chance that they would say yes. Bigger is not always better. But, in today´s fast-paced and competitive world grabbing a slice of the market while the opportunity is there is vital. If you fail to do that, within months, weeks even the chance to grow your customer base can vanish. People will simply buy elsewhere and when they do, they will likely continue to use that firm rather than you.

So, anything you can do to tip the balance in your favor is well worth doing. Sometimes all you have to do is to use what you already have but do so in a different way. Take for example the digital screens you are already have set up in your retail outlet, salon, workshop or another type of workplace or sales space.

Create and deploy your own digital ads to increase sales

Most retailers are already using their display screens to help them to sell more. Usually, by displaying details of promotions or slideshows that showcase a particular product line. This works, but if the ads are stale or are not sufficiently tailored to appeal to the people who shop with you, they are not effective as they could be. Any retailer or physical service provider can quickly overcome this potential issue by learning how to use digital signage software to create their own adverts. This opens up all kinds of new opportunities. For example, if it snows heavily in your locale, you can quickly dress an assistant up in a ski suit, take a few photos and use it to create an ad to remind customers that you stock a good range of heavy winter clothing. If you also add in a discount the chances of someone who sees your ad when arriving in your store buying some extra warm clothing substantially increases.

Tailor in-store adverts to appeal to each customer demographic

Restaurants, bars, and cafes can easily do something similar. For example, by advertising hot toddies on a cold day. Clinics, salons, dentists, and other physical service providers can also use digital ads effectively. Perhaps showing an advert for dental implants at times of the day when older patients make up the bulk of patients. This demographic is far more likely to have gaps and the money to fill them than parents who are bringing their children in for a checkup after school. At those times of the day, an advert for the high-grade kids’ tooth care items you carry is far more likely to result in a sale.

To improve customer retention and loyalty

All businesses need to encourage repeat business. Those that do so effectively are the ones that make the highest profits. According to research carried out by Forrester, it costs five times as much to acquire a new customer as it does to sell something to an existing one.

Potentially, you can use your digital display screens to help you to foster customer loyalty. For example, to encourage customers to sign up for your newsletter or frequent shopper points scheme. If you set these ads up on screens that are at a height customers can interact with, you can incorporate a QR code that enables them to do this by simply typing in their email address and clicking the terms and conditions box.

To improve staff safety and productivity

People are at the center of any business. Without productive staff that offer exceptional service, it is extremely hard to attract and retain customers. This is the case, regardless of the sector in which a company is involved.

Display screens can easily be used behind the scenes of a business. A single-screen can be utilized in several different ways. For example, to show training videos, share important safety messages or remind staff to do things that improve productivity or sales.

Using digital display signs to improve your company culture

Humans are visual creatures. We all respond more to what we see than we do to what we hear. So, if you have an important message to get across to your staff doing it using an image of the medium of video is usually the best approach. Surprisingly making videos that are highly effective at shifting staff perception in a way that improves the culture of your company is not that difficult. This concise tutorial shows you exactly how to do it.

The above is just a sample of how digital screens can be used by virtually any business to save money, boost sales, improve company culture and much more besides. With the introduction of further innovations, for example, interactive touchscreens that facilitate automation, there is no doubt that these simple tools will become increasingly useful for business owners.

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