5 Playground Elements You Can Bring into your Backyard

by Beverly

Everyone knows – children like to play. To aid their physical and mental development, parents do well to allow their kids play. But not everyone can afford the time to take their kids to the park. So, having a backyard playground becomes the best alternative. If you have the space, then the 5 playground ideas in this article are worth considering.

5 Playground Elements to Bring into Your Backyard

1. Swing-sets

This playground element is an all-time favorite for kids and adults alike. Aside from serving recreational functions for a wide age range, the right swing set can add a dazzling aesthetic touch to your yard. Considering that there are more than thirty swing ideas you can adopt in your home, a swing set stands as the most flexible playground option.

2. Amusement Tunnels

Apart from the thrills this element brings children, amusement tunnels are known to render a visual appeal to the surrounding. How so? For starters, its availability in various shapes and interesting colors can be used in aesthetic ways. The option of customization makes it easier for you to get tunnels that blend with your taste. How then does it benefit the children? Aside from being amusing, amusement tunnels serve as a form of exercise for kids while developing their motor skills.

3. Inflatable Playground

Go big or go home. This is an element that represents that phrase all too well. Ranging from obstacle courses to amusement parks, inflatable playgrounds are now designed to replicate. In other words, with an inflatable playground in your backyard, you can save yourself several trips to the adjustment park. Considering how this element is a form of a playground, it comes with more than one attraction. A single-set inflatable playground takes up a lot more space than all the aforementioned elements. Therefore, if you need a factor that would keep your children entertained and take up reasonable space while looking equally aesthetic, an inflatable playground would be a great option. Although, they are nowhere near cheap.

4. Trampolines

Adored by most kids and almost equally feared by some parents. Undoubtedly, the common fears associated with this playground element are not without grounds. For example, two kids playing on a trampoline and deciding to be adventurous could cause an accident when one bounces off wrongly. This among others are reasons why most parents remain skeptical about trampolines. However, the good news is that trampolines do have safety measures. Tips like installing safety nets around and beneath, not letting children below 5 on it, and not allowing more than one child at a time, would provide better degrees of safety with this playground element.

5. Cotton Candy Machine

When a cotton candy machine is mentioned, most individuals think of amusement parks, fairs, carnivals, and other factors attributed to them. Indeed, cotton candy machines are widely used in places like parks considering how they are among the top surgery goodness kids love. What do you need something as bulky as a cotton candy machine for? With a cotton candy machine in your yard, you can economically mass produce for less cost. You also do not have to limit the functions of this element to your backyard alone.

Final Thoughts

Your budget, backyard space, and the age of your kids are factors that will ultimately determine which playground element you should incorporate into your backyard. Whichever idea you choose, be sure that your kids will truly benefit from having access to a playground right out the backyard.

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